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Jun 25, 2019

When I built Manifestation Babe, I had a BIG vision of what I wanted it to be. I wanted it to be impactful and inspiring, but also wanted curate a space where people believed in it just as much as I did. 

When I hired my first team, I tried everything I could to get them on board with the MB mission. I didn’t want them to help grown Manifestation Babe for me, I wanted them to grow it for the sake of the business because they believed in it’s impact just as much as I did. 

Well, things didn’t exactly go as planned. 

On today’s episode, I want to share a story with you of a time I was ghosted by one of my CORE team members. This is a PART TWO story and yet another instance where I wanted to completely give up Manifestation Babe for good. 

As an entrepreneur you’re going to see failure and you are going to feel fear. I want to share my experience with wanting to give up so you know it is completely NORMAL. 

The Universe gifts you these experiences to help you grow in the most profound way. Take them as a sign to keep going and to never give up. 


In this episode you will learn: 

How I intuitively knew to fire my team (14:38)

The moment I thought my business was over (25:45)

How I revived my business disaster (35:52)

Best business course EVER (44:05)


Questions I Answer

What is the biggest mistake in the LOA community? (41:00)

What is the difference between good and bad resistance? (41:33)


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