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Jun 28, 2019

One of the first things most people learn about the subconscious mind is the power of our language and the impact it makes on our future. All the limiting beliefs you’ve acquired throughout your life started from language. Someone in your life said something to make you BELIEVE a limiting behavior, thought pattern, or belief. What we say everyday is what our subconscious mind processes as TRUTH. 

In today’s episode I want to share with you 5 phrases I believe you should NEVER say if you want to be successful. These phrases can all have a strong impact on your future so I provide you with key reframes to start making a conscious change today. 

The more you speak your true beliefs into existence, the more the subconscious mind will mold to your new patterns and eliminate the old thoughts. That’s what is so beautiful about the mind, you are able to re-program it. 

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What You Will Learn In This Episode

How to reframe “I can’t afford that” (7:59)

How to reframe “That’s so expensive” (10:03)

How to reframe “That’s so hard” (13:39)

How to reframe “I wish I can do that” (15:04)

How to reframe “I must be getting old” (18:13)

Aging Experiment (20:29)


Questions I Answer

Why is your language important? (4:30)

Why is reframe so powerful? (23:27)


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