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Jul 2, 2019

I have a question for you babe…

Have you been led to believe that your own life purpose as a spiritual being is to exist on this planet and manifest enough to get you by? 

As someone who has been studying spirituality and manifestation for most of my life, I have stumbled across a few spiritual concepts that never truly resonated with me. Through my own personal work, I have developed my own truth around spirituality and what I believe our life purpose is. 

On today’s episode I want to share with you where I believe spirituality got it WRONG. 

I want to challenge this concept because I truly believe we can all be, have, and do ANYTHING we want. I want to know what you’re doing today to enjoy life and how you’re making the absolute BEST out of your human experience here on Earth.

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What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

What never resonated with me in the spiritual world (6:07)

What mind, body, and spirit means to me (9:10)

What spiritual teachers got wrong (10:49)


Questions I Answer:

Why is health a life purpose?  (12:00)

Why is having FUN a life purpose? (13:16)

What do you people focus on that doesn’t work? (17:01)

What is our ONE limited resource? (18:01)

What is spirituality really about? (24:45)

What will you do today to enjoy life? (26:17)



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