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Aug 5, 2019

On today’s episode of the Manifestation Babe podcast, I am doing a continuation of a little series I’ve created called, “Phrases to NEVER say if…”! Over the years I have gotten extremely good at reframing almost any negative situation of adversity that I encounter and it has made a HUGE impact in my life. 

I often get asked how I am able to remain so positive and how it always looks like life is “perfect” on my side. The truth is, life is FAR from perfect, but I have learned to find the silver lining is just about EVERY situation I come across. Today’s episode, is specifically targeting toward phrase you should never say if you want a successful business.

In general, as an entrepreneur, it is quite common to encounter a slew of limiting beliefs that can hold you back from building the business of your dreams. Things like failure, saturated markets, Instagram algorithms, etc., can make you feel like you have NO chance in finding success. 

Well, I’m here to change that story for you! Today we are talking about 6 phrases to never say if you want a successful business and a reframe for each phrase in case you ever catch yourself saying them! 



In This Episode You Will Learn:

The importance of business & life integration (3:15)

The importance of reframing (8:13)

Phrase #1- “Once I hit $10K then I’ll feel safe” (10:35)

Phrase #2- “My launch failed so I’m not cut out for this” (14:26)

Phrase #3- “The market is oversaturated” (20:50)

Phrase #4- “I can’t build my following, the IG algorithm sucks” (26:49)

Phrase #5- “I can’t afford to hire anyone” (26:49)

Phrase #6- “I’m afraid to make the money I want because of taxes” (35:15)




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