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Aug 14, 2019

What comes to your mind when you think storytelling? Do you think emotion? Do you think about how a good story catches your attention quickly? Is it important? Do you think YOU need it? 

On today’s VERY special episode of the Manifestation Babe Podcast, I had the pleasure of interviewing one of my dear friends and storytelling/branding coaches, Celinne Da Costa, who believes EVERYONE needs to master storytelling in order to manifest the life of your dreams! 

Celinne Da Costa is a published author, motivational speaker, branding/storytelling coach, who teaches visionary business owners to become confident leaders through the power of their STORY. Celinne shares her incredible journey where she went from corporate America, to now being a world-traveling Digital Nomad, running her coaching business, and writing for major publications like Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Business Insider. 

We got into the JUICY details behind storytelling and the true power it has to change your life entirely. Storytelling is NOT just for entrepreneurs either, it’s for anyone and everyone looking to manifest the reality of their wildest dreams and on this episode, Celinne shares with you exactly HOW to do that!

AND, since working with Celinne, I not only built a beautiful relationship with her, BUT I also was able to manifest one of my BIGGEST dreams I’ve had sitting on my vision board since I started Manifestation Babe… 

I am so excited to announce that Manifestation Babe is now officially published in FORBES!! This has been my absolute dream for YEARS and through the power of manifestation and STORY, I was able to manifest this dream into reality. 


What You Will Learn In This Episode

Manifestation Babe X Forbes (3:00)

How Celinne and I met in Bali (6:50) 

How Celinne fled the corporate world (15:14)

What happens when you take INSPIRED action (23:00)

Celinne’s project- traveling the world through connection (25:44) 

How Celinne built a 6-figure coaching business traveling the world (35:00)

What Celinne believes is the KEY to success (40:39)

Power of social currency (50:44)

How I manifested being published in Forbes (60:00) 


Questions I Answer 

Do you need an education/certifications to create success? (37:00)

Why is storytelling important? (38:40)

What story are you NOT telling yourself? (48:30)

Is free value worth it? (56:00)




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