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Dec 24, 2019

After an unbelievable spiritual awakening at Rhythmia in Costa Rica, I am officially back to share my entire Ayahuasca experience with you here on the Manifestation Babe podcast! I found myself struggling to put the pieces together before recording this episode because there simply is no way to truly describe the transformative journey I went on. 


In this episode, I cover my overall experience at Rhythmia, what was included, how I felt in the facility, and my experience taking Ayahuasca in the first two ceremonies. These episodes will be recorded in a series, so the next episode you can expect is a recap of the ceremonies from day 3 and 4. I will end the series with what I learned and took back home with me from this beautiful, sacred experience. 


I hope you enjoy this episode and keep an open mind as I share with you the most life changing journey I’ve ever been on. 


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In This Episode You’ll Learn 


Why I didn’t attend Rhythmia as an “influencer” (10:30)

3 magical intentions at Rhythmia (29:16)

The Big 4 at Rhythmia (33:54)

Ceremony #1 - Full Recap (44:20)

Ceremony #2 - Full Recap (81:01)

Questions I Answer: 


What was my overall experience at Rhythmia? (15:30)

What is the Labrinth at Rhythmia? (26:35) 

What kind of journeys can you have on Ayahuasca? (36:20)



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