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Dec 28, 2019

Bringing my entire Ayahuasca series full circle, today’s episode is centered around everything I learned & the lessons I’ve taken home from my experience with beautiful Mother Ayahuasca. The amount of unbelievable learnings I took away from Ayahuasca is challenging to bottle up into one hour, but in today’s episode I gathered 9 groundbreaking lessons that completely changed my life at Rythmia. 


Overall, Ayahuasca was an extremely eye-opening experience and truly confirmed much of what I already knew. I have full faith and no doubt in my mind that we truly can be, do, and have ANYTHING we desire, it’s all a matter of tuning into ourselves and having undeniable faith in Universal intelligence. Thank you Mother Ayahuasca for showing me that yes, our success is truly INEVITABLE. 


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In This Episode You’ll Learn 


Integration process after Rythmia (4:30)

Lesson 1 - There is more beyond the physical realm (6:49)

Lesson 2 - Breathwork/meditation/yoga are non-negotiable (12:16) 

Lesson 3-  More nature (13:30)

Lesson 4-  My new diet/lifestyle (18:14)

Lesson 5-  New business goals (25:10)

Lesson 6- Emotions are feelings in motion (28:30)

Lesson 7- Evolving through love (33:56)

Lesson 8- Fully trust my intuition (36:35)

Lesson 9- There is no wrong/right (38:57)

My overall Ayahuasca experience (42:30)



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