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Dec 29, 2019

Something we are all inevitably faced with as we navigate through life is the feeling of discomfort. Discomfort is a natural emotion we feel, yet it is the number one thing us humans are always trying to avoid. What many people don’t realize is that discomfort is actually divine guidance from the Universe and all of our desires lie on the other side of it.


On today’s episode of the Manifestation Babe podcast, I am breaking down exactly what discomfort actually is and how to allow yourself to move through it so you can experience the beautiful miracles of the Universe. I also share with you a soul-aligned process to set goals for 2020, inviting discomfort into your life, and giving yourself space to move through it as you accomplish your hearts deepest desires. 


Soul-Aligned Goal Setting Process: 


  1. Write down the goal that scares you on a sheet of paper
  2. List down all the reasons why that goal scares you. What’s the meaning you’ve attached to that goal? What’s making you uncomfortable about it?
  3. Sit in meditation for 5 minutes and and just observe how all those fears make you feel. Breathe through them (really deep intentional breaths). 
  4. Notice how as you sit there and feel them, it builds at first... but then eventually the charge starts to dissipate.
  5. Chant the mantra: “I am comfortable being uncomfortable and I choose to grow through discomfort.” 
  6. Next write down all the ways you will benefit in your life once you achieve that goal. 
  7. Spend the next 5 minutes visualizing how manifesting that goal is going to positively impact your life. Breathe through and invite yourself to truly feel as if it’s already DONE
  8. Chant the mantra: My success is inevitable as I courageously pursue all of my desires
  9. When inspired ACTION arises, TAKE THE ACTION.
  10. If discomfort arises while taking action, you know what to do. Breathe through it, move through it & you’ll let it go. Otherwise, all you’ll do is suppress it again, and let it build for a later time. 



In This Episode You’ll Learn: 

My breathwork experience (2:15)

Why we avoid discomfort (8:57)

Why fear gets in the way of our dreams (13:00)

What discomfort actually means (16:10)

How to set goals that are soul-aligned (19:17)

Soul-Aligned Goal Setting Process (21:27) 




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