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Feb 17, 2020

Perfectionism. The chain that holds most people back from reaching their highest potential and taking action on their dreams. On today’s episode of the Manifestation Babe podcast I had the pleasure of sitting down with amazing mindset coach, Sam Laura Brown, and we talked all about how to finally overcome the two things that hold most people back: procrastination and perfectionism. 


Sam Laura Brown is a mindset coach who helps perfectionists beat procrastination, overcome perfectionism and become their best selves. She's a mindset coach, host of the top-rated podcast: The Perfectionism Project and founder of Perfectionists Getting Shit Done, a global membership community for recovering perfectionists. 


If you’re someone who’s been feeling stuck and paralyzed by inaction and perfectionism, this podcast episode is going to open your eyes to the TRUE cause of perfectionism and how to overcome it for GOOD.

In This Episode You Will Learn: 


Who is Sam Laura Brown? (6:16) 

How perfectionism relates to procrastination (14:00) 

The difference between a fixed & growth mindset (21:50) 

Why we over-analyze (44:00) 

How to change your identity to align with being a non-procrastinator (57:00)

How to break through feeling guilt when resting (59:18) 

Where you can connect with Sam (1:12:59)

Questions We Answer: 


What is perfectionism? (11:17)

Where does perfectionism come from? (33:00)

What is the all or nothing mindset? (50:37)



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