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Jan 27, 2020

Today is a VERY special episode of the Manifestation Babe podcast because I am sharing with you one of my incredible students, Michelle Lee Diasinos, and her beautiful transformation since taking Manifestation Babe Academy! 


Michelle is an amazing mother, wife, podcast host, and aspiring parenting coach who is launching her conscious parenting business later this year! Michelle changed the entire trajectory of her life when she finally decided to let go of other people’s opinions and finally go after what lights her soul on fire! As a result of doing the deep inner work inside Manifestation Babe Academy Michelle and her family have been able to work remotely and travel the world, she’s started her own podcast and conscious parenting business, and even inspired her husband to work part-time and follow his dreams! 


Michelle is such an incredible example of what’s possible when you let go of the stories you grow up believing, and take life into your OWN hands! I can’t wait for you to dive into this episode and get a sneak peek into what’s possible for YOU when you take the leap and join Manifestation Babe Academy :) 

P.S. If you’re ready to drop the opinions of others and finally start living life for YOURSELF, Manifestation Babe Academy is open and it’s calling your name! In this 4-week transformational program you’ll learn how to completely rewire your beliefs for success and actually start living the life you were destined for!

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In This Episode You Will Learn: 


Who is Michelle Diasinos? (5:20) 

The challenges of experiencing doubt (9:15) 

What made Michelle take the leap (12:53) 

Michelle’s powerful MBA transformation (16:00)

How Michelle’s daughters birth was a sign she was on the right path (19:24) 

Connect w/ Michelle! (24:50)

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