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Mar 27, 2020

You guys asked for it, so now you GOT IT! In this episode of the Manifestation Babe podcast, Brennan and I are going to talk about the topic we left out last episode, sex. We are going to be very OPEN and TRANSPARENT today. I promise you, we go places I NEVER thought we would go on this podcast. You guys will not be disappointed!


We are going to shed some light on how to keep the SPARK alive when you spend 24/7 with your partner. Brennan and I have been spending most of our time together for the past three years. Over time, it would have been easy for us to get sick of each other and take each other for granted. We would have lost that passion and polarity that most couples have at the beginning of a relationship or if they spend hours, days or weeks apart. However, we are not only going to share our personal tips to combat this, but we are also going to share content we have learned from other experts that have helped us take our relationship to the next level. We are going to talk about the different needs of the masculine and feminine energies, accelerators versus breakers in the bedroom, and we will teach you about Orgasmic Manifestation! 


Today, you will have our JUICY insight around intimacy, and you’ll get the perspective of someone with masculine energy, Brennan. If you feel like this episode resonated with you or you know someone who needs to hear it, please be sure to tag Brennan at @brennankingokeefe, and me @manifestationbabe on Instagram and share it with your community to spread the word! Also if you have any questions please email us at



In This Episode You Will Learn: 


Why were we out of breath at the beginning of this podcast ;)? (4:05)

The difference between masculine and feminine energies (13:55)

The 3 needs of the masculine energy (19:20)

The 3 needs of the feminine energy (20:14)

Three things that shut down the masculine (21:49)

Three things that shut down the Feminine (23:43)

Being a generous lover (29:50)

What are breaks and accelerators mean when it comes to your sex life (34:45)

The importance of communication (47:30)

The concept of desire and its struggles (54.37)

Questions We Answer: 


How do you resist the comfort level of feeling like roommates and bringing back the passion? (10:37)

What fires up intimacy and what shuts it down? (17:48)

Why is sex such an important need of the masculine? (26:10)

What happens if the other person is not meeting your needs? (30:16)

What is “The Erotic Blueprint”? (40:11)

What are Brennan’s breaks and accelerators as a masculine? (45:25)

What practical tips have helped us with intimacy? (58:25)

How do we see intimacy? (1:07:25)

What is “Orgasmic Manifestation”? (1:08:28)


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