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Apr 23, 2020

Today, I am honored to share a conversation with one of my good friends Henry Ammar. You will absolutely LOVE him. Henry is the definition of a lightworker. He is the most uplifting person you will ever hear speak. On today’s episode of the Manifestation Babe podcast, we are going to talk about relationships, creating high vibe friendships and why keeping your heart soft will always pay off in the end. We will also touch on how to know it’s time to make a pivot in your life or end something that is no longer serving you. This is going to be a JUICY one, so sit back, relax, and push play!


Henry Ammar is an International Life Speaker and Entrepreneur who hosts the podcast, “Making It Happen with Henry Ammar.” He is a keynote speaker and empowerment coach published in Forbes. Henry now leverages his successes in music, leadership, and coaching to bring pop culture and practical empowerment together to free the world from fear, limiting beliefs and works to inspire confidence. Henry is an empowerment coach to pop culture celebrities and influencers. His most recent brainchild, MakeItHappen.Life, with the slogan “Inspiration. Fun. Repeat.” was created to give the world inspiring content and empowering experiences that help people lead confident and fulfilling lives. 


If you’re someone who’s been feeling stuck and needs to LET GO, this podcast episode is going to be an INCREDIBLE one. If this episode resonated with you and you know someone who needs a little clarity right now, please be sure to tag me @manifestationbabe on Instagram and share this episode with your community to spread the word! Also if you have any questions please email us at

In This Episode You Will Learn: 


How Henry and I met (7:10)

What it means to live in the space of trust (25:00)

How to know it is time to make a pivot (36:35)

The balance between doing the work in a fulfilled versus an unfulfilled relationship (52:35)

The importance of being uncomfortable (1:14:15)

Questions We Answer: 


How did Kathrin and Henry find their soulmate friends? (12:59)

How do you know that something is not serving your higher purpose? (26:25)

When to know that leaving a relationship is actually going to serve you (46:51)

How do you get rid of the chatter in your mind so that you can hear your intuition? (54:55)

How do you navigate chaos? (59:00)




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