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May 24, 2020

Today on the Manifestation Babe Podcast I have a very special episode for you where I am interviewing my dear friend and mentor, James Wedmore!


You have heard me raving and roaring about all the amazing ways James inspires me and everyone around him, I knew I needed to bring his perspective into the Manifestation Babe podcast so you can get a glimpse into his incredible wisdom!


On today’s episode we dive deep into all things business and manifestation. One of the first ways James and I connected was our passion and obsession with manifestation and its integration with business. As a multi 7-figure CEO, James continues to skyrocket his business growth and manifestation happens to be the sneaky trick he’s hiding up his sleeve. We talk about James’ first experience with manifestation and how he began to incorporate it into his business. James also opens up about his 12 year journey that went from the lows of depression and overuse of adderall , to now being a multi-7 figure Digital CEO running a team of 20.


This is BY FAR my favorite Manifestation Babe podcast episode I’ve ever recorded and I’m confident you’ll feel the same way! Make sure you screenshot this episode and share it with a friend and tag us both so we can see how much you’re loving it! 


In This Episode You Will Learn: 


James experience with depression & adderall (11:45)

Why James believes money won’t make you happy (16:00)

Why changing your perspective changes your life (22:17)

James’ experience with “Your Success Is Inevitable” (27:10)

How James overcame his fear of flying (30:05)

James’ first experience with manifestation (36:59)

Personality types and what they can teach you (65:12)

The combo between manifestation and business (70:13) 

Questions We Answer: 


Who is James Wedmore? - (8:20)

How do you feel abundant with no money? (20:50)

Why does clarity come from action? (50:39)

What is the biggest mistake business owners make? (57:28)

Why do people believe they need permission? (58:59)




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