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Jun 9, 2020

On today’s podcast episode, I am joined by a very special guest and beautiful soul, Sabi Kerr! Sabi is someone I met at my own Bali retreat back in 2018. She was our yoga instructor and as soon as we met, I can feel her beautiful energy exude love and compassion. Every single one of my attendees fell in love with her and I know after you listen to this episode, you will too! 


Sabi Kerr is a self-love coach and yoga teacher. She guides women to fall deeper in love with themselves and release the blocks they have to feel worthy, so that they can create magical lives full of passion and purpose. Through 1:1 coaching, workshops, yoga, retreats and group programs, Sabi's mission is to guide as many people as possible back to their natural essence: a place of deep self-love, self-acceptance and joy. 


In this episode, Sabi touches on what holds multi-passionate people from living their purpose, how self-love relates to manifestation and what we can do to create a more inclusive and diverse community in the spiritual industry. 


I know you’ll absolutely love this episode, so after you listen to it, please be sure to tag Sabi @sabi.kerr on Instagram, and let her know your favorite part of the episode! 

In This Episode You Will Learn: 


How Sabi made it to Bali to continue her work as a yoga instructor (8:15)

What holds back multi-passionate people from living their purpose (11:18)

How self-love relates to manifestation (17:29) 

Common blocks women experience with feeling worthy (21:14) 

Racial bias in the spiritual industry (28:35) 

How racism shows up in the spiritual industry (38:12) 

Where you can connect w/ Sabi (51:50) 

Questions We Answer: 


Who is Sabi Kerr and what does she do? (3:02) 

How can you start practicing self-love? (23:02) 

How can we begin to be a part of the solution? (40:29) 


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