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Jun 25, 2020

Ever wondered what your energetic imprint has to do with your success? Well, let me tell you, using your energy to build the business of your dreams and live a meaningful life, is a GAME CHANGER. In today’s podcast episode I am sharing with you my 5 energy secrets to boost your income in your business and grow your audience! 


These energy secrets are SO simple and that’s what’s so amazing about them because they’re so easy to implement! When you focus your attention on your energy and put an intention behind how you’re showing up everyday, your business, your life, and even the people around you will all be impacted in a BIG way. 


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In This Episode You Will Learn: 


Secret #1: Gratitude for your clients/customers (16:55)

Secret #2: Set an intention for your launch (20:52)

Secret #4: Be the customer you want to attract (27:33)

Bonus Secret #6: Wish everyone (client or not) success (45:39)

Questions I Answer: 


Secret #3: How does prayer affect your energy? (23:57)

Secret #5: How can you pay it forward? (36:53)



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