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Jul 17, 2020

Today on the Manifestation Babe podcast I am SO excited to be joined by a former RBA student, Jodi-Kay Edwards. Jodi and I met in 2018 and I have been following her ever since because she puts out AMAZING content. She was someone I had an instant connection with and could listen to her talk for hours! On today’s episode, Jodi talks about her journey as a business and visibility coach navigating the year 2020, as well as being the voice for her community promoting diversity and inclusion in the spiritual entrepreneurship space. I absolutely loved this conversation. 


During this episode, Jodi talks about:

  1. The importance of being and having a voice during a time where old racist paradigms are brought to the surface.
  2. The importance of honoring the message that's on our hearts and following our intuition at all times to stay in alignment.
  3. What it was like growing up as a poor immigrant, and having to shed the low self-worth and victim mindset to get to where she is today. 
  4. What it's like to operate from flow, rather than hustle.
  5. Jodi dives deep into bringing more inclusion into the spiritual space, and into what manifestation is like from her unique perspective.


Jodi is a Business Coach and Visibility Queen! Jodi is the CEO of Alignment Is The New Hustle, a business strategy and personal development brand that helps early-stage entrepreneurs start, scale, and succeed in business in a flow state. She does this by teaching aligned systems and strategies that mix the woo with the do. Her mission is to empower entrepreneurs worldwide to share their message and get paid for it!


Jodi shares SO many mic drops during this episode and truly INSPIRES you to be a VOICE, honor the message that is on your heart and to follow your intuition. Please be sure to share some love with Jodi over on her Instagram @jodikayedwards and let us know you’re listening! Also, be sure to leave a review on iTunes in order to receive a free manifestation hypnosis. Just screenshot it before submitting and email it to my team at and I will see you in the next episode.


In This Episode You Will Learn :

About the inception of Jodi’s business (6:21)

The history behind unconscious biases (20:22)

Are people becoming more spiritual and solution based? (39:10)

How does the Universe see race and color? (51:28)

How does Jodi see money mindset? (57:39)

Questions We Answer: 


Who is Jodi-Kay Edwards? (5:32)

Is there a connection between self worth and the need to hustle? (13.32)

Have times changed regarding the Black Lives Matter movement? (32:00)

What is Jodi’s perspective of manifestation as a black woman? (46:17)

How can people bring in more light during this time? (57:31)



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