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Sep 1, 2020

Today, I am SO excited to interview one of my previous students Cia Wiggins. Cia is a 2019 Rich Babe Academy graduate! Cia had a rough start to her journey, she was out of work, pregnant, and living in her parents’ basement with her husband and child. However, she was able to transform her reality through the spiritual principles and tools that I share inside RBA. It is AMAZING what she accomplished by changing her mindset, persevering, and believing that her SUCCESS IS INEVITABLE!


Cia is a fun-loving creative content marketing coach and a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She creates engaging content for those who are in need of relationship help and business guidance. After graduating with her Master’s in science for Marriage and Family Therapy, Felicia later found herself researching ways to truly embrace her creative character. When she is not writing or creating short films she dancing and eating cookies with her kids!


Today’s episode is a story about PERSEVERANCE in the face of adversity! If this episode resonated with you or someone you know, please be sure to share it with your community. Also, be sure to leave a review on iTunes in order to receive a free manifestation hypnosis. Just screenshot it before submitting and email it to my team at and I will see you in the next episode.



In This Episode You Will Learn: 

About Cia (3:24)

What made Cia take the leap and join RBA (11:41)

Cia’s journey with self-love (17:15)

Cia’s advice for people who have a lot of fear and struggle at the moment(18:29)

Questions We Answer: 


Where Cia was in life before joining RBA? (4:40)

How far back does Cia’s story of money go? (8:56)

How has Cia’s life changed after RBA? (13:14)

What would Cia want people to know about joining RBA? (20:40)



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