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Jan 31, 2022

I am bringing you Manifestation Babe’s COO, Londa Jensen. Londa is the queen of running Manifestation Babe.


This episode was one of my most requested episodes. One of the most asked questions I get is, “Kathrin, how do you manage your team?”. Well, I don’t, Londa does! Londa is the backbone of Manifestation Babe. She does everything, she manages team MB, and is our hiring manager. So if you want to learn how you can manage and hire your very own DREAM TEAM, then push play, relax and listen. 


In this episode, Londa and I talk all about the Manifestation Babe team, and how to hire your own DREAM TEAM! If you or someone you know has benefited from this episode be sure to tag me @manifestationbabe on Instagram and Londa @misslulu1016 and share this episode with your community to spread the word! I am curious to hear all about your experience. Also, be sure to leave a review on iTunes in order to receive a free manifestation hypnosis. Just screenshot it before submitting it and email it to my team at and I will see you in the next episode.

In This Episode You Will Learn :


The story of when we hired Londa. (6:39)

How do you handle the stress and fear that your team knows more than you do? (14:27)

How you can hire a Londa? (16:18)

MB’s core values (18:05)

About the team MB work culture (24:23)

About the MB hiring process. (26:43)

Red flags in the hiring process. (32:11)

Advice for creating a job description. (35:08)

Londa’s favorite thing about working with Kathrin, Brennan, and the MB team (46:26)

Questions We Answer: 


How did Londa end up on team MB? (3:09)

Who should your first hire be? (8:57)

How did Londa for from executive assistant to COO? (11:20)

What does Londa look for when hiring someone to be on the team?

Why does micromanaging not work? (26:24)
What do you do when someone doesn't want to listen to their superior? (37:11)

What does everyone on team MB do? (39:50)

When do you decide to hire international versus local? (44:00)

Does Londa, use her intuition as part of the hiring process? (45:52)

What is psychological safety? (48:30)



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