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Mar 30, 2022

I'm coming to you today to share an episode that is different than others that I have put out in the past. Today, I am sitting down with my good friend Jen Casey to share with you one of our unfiltered conversations. Jen and I talk about all things WOO! We recap all of our spiritual awakening experiences, plant medicine journeys, healing experiences, Shamanic work and so much more. This episode is meant to give you two perspectives so that you can discover your own spiritual gifts if you haven't yet. I hope after listening you will finally own your inner witch! I am so excited for this episode, so without further ado, welcome to the Jen Casey and Kathrin Zenkina show everybody!


Jen Casey is a brain-based business coach, speaker, energy healer, & host of the Top-100 CEO Psyche Podcast. Through bringing together her love of psychology, the subconscious mind, and energetics, along with her passion for online marketing, program design, and masterful facilitation, her mission became clear: to create more inclusive environments for transformation, no matter what your learning, processing, or decision-making style. Today, she helps online coaches design transformational programs from marketing and creation to coaching and facilitation. 


In this episode, Jen and I talk about OWNING your SPIRITUAL GIFTS! Please be sure to tag me @manifestationbabe on Instagram and Jen @heyjencasey and share this episode with your community to spread the word If you or someone you know has benefited from this episode! I am curious to hear all about your experience. Also, be sure to leave a review on iTunes in order to receive a free manifestation hypnosis. Just screenshot it before submitting it and email it to my team at and I will see you in the next episode.

In This Episode You Will Learn :


The story of how Jen and Kathrin met (4:11)

How Jen discovered her deep spiritual gifts (17:00)

What conflicting intuitive messages did Kathrin experience while pregnant? (43:56)

Questions We Answer: 


How Jen got into the Law of Attraction? (10:46)

How did pregnancy change Kathrin’s intuition? (28:35)

What is “the Void”? (49:50)





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