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Apr 1, 2024

I can’t believe I’m sharing this - my most vulnerable episode yet! I'm going through one of my annual shamanic deaths where I'm feeling in between and uncertain and I’m sharing honest doubts and inner dialogue I’ve been having lately. If you're in that stuck feeling, you’re not alone and you’re also on the verge of a powerful breakthrough. You don’t want to miss the tools and strategies to go from stuck to rising to the next level, living your dream life you were always meant to live.



  • The revenue amount I have felt stuck at for years and what I’m doing to break through it

  • What is holding me back from taking action on the massive download I received in Bora Bora

  • Conversations I’m having with God right now

  • Honest doubts that have been popping up as I prepare for a launch

  • What it actually FEELS like (and my own personal internal dialogue) being on the verge of a breakthrough


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Kathrin: @manifestationbabe


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