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Apr 8, 2024

Do you ever struggle with old stories and negative thought patterns popping up? I’m bringing back an episode from the vault, way back from 2018 that shares some powerful lessons that are relevant as ever. Brennan and I had just gotten back from a financial seminar with Tony Robbins. As I connected with the other extremely successful attendees (I’m talking billionaires..with a “b”), something I know to be true became apparent. No matter how successful you are in any area of your life - we all will have negative thoughts, fears, and limiting beliefs. If you’re ready to move forward and not allow those limiting beliefs to hold you back, this episode is for you!



  • The #1 thing to focus on to get more of what you want 

  • How to Neutralize negative thoughts for good

  • The power of embracing all emotions (and stop trying to resist any)

  • Ways to manage energy and observe thoughts from a place of non-judgement 



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Kathrin: @manifestationbabe

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