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Apr 15, 2024

Ready to manifest your dream life and feel good throughout the process? I’m sharing 4 things I’m doing right now that are proven to uplevel your life and make a profound impact on how you feel. I also share how to recognize when uncomfortable feelings are the “x” that marks the spot on what you need to heal and rise to your next level. Speaking of the next level, make sure to get my free e-book on the 14 money beliefs that made me a millionaire (and will make you one too). Get the e-book below!



  • The #1 thing I prioritize to protect my mental health.

  • Simple hacks to get better sleep (and how it impacts everything you do) 

  • How to weed out the “maybes” and only give energy to things that are a f*ck yes!

  • How to create more space for the universe to deliver what is meant for you.



Get the 14 money beliefs, principles and practices that made me a millionaire (and will make you one too) - get the free e-book


Kathrin: @manifestationbabe


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