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Apr 22, 2024

How much more peace would you have in your life if you had a clear process to heal and take back your power from your triggers? Right before I recorded this episode I was triggered and was able to calm my nervous system, get to the root of my trigger, and take action from a calm and clear state. In this episode, I share my process to regulate your nervous system when you feel angry or anxious in a matter of minutes. Techniques that will get you to the root of your triggers so you can heal from what I call Calm Queen energy. 



  • Why fight or flight is the worst state to make decisions (or create) from.
  • Practical tips to regulate your nervous system.

  • My step by step process to heal triggers.

  • How to bring awareness and identify the root causes of your triggers (beyond the surface.)

  • Ways to problem solve from Calm Queen energy.

  • How long it takes to regulate your nervous system.



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Kathrin: @manifestationbabe