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Apr 30, 2024

If the vision of your future is foggy, lean in. I’m sharing the top reason you’re getting stressed and stuck when you’re manifesting your biggest life. All too often we go immediately from thinking of what we want to making negative assumptions about what it will take to get there. Those old stories of how hard it is to make the money, or build the dream - end here. Listen in for powerful questions that will unlock your greatest desires and techniques to claim them freely without fear or limitation. This episode is guaranteed to leave you feeling inspired and clear on how to magnetize everything your soul desires.


  • What is actually going to make you sustainably wealthy.

  • What to do when you catch yourself making negative assumptions about what it will take to reach your goals

  • How to manifest EXACTLY what you want in the most ideal way possible.

  • The simple practice to get clear on what you want (and how you want to receive it.)



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Kathrin: @manifestationbabe