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May 13, 2024

You’re subconscious mind is f*cking everything. My confidence and self love has never been better and I’m going to share exactly what I’m doing. In the episode I share how to completely transform your self-talk and claim the identity you want for yourself so your reality can catch up. I also share an announcement I haven’t shared anywhere else yet (and, hint hint,  it has to do with my affirmation that I’m a great writer.) It’s time to rewire your subconscious beliefs and self talk. 



  • The mindset shift that will have you manifesting on a whole new level

  • How to claim the identity of what you want so your reality can catch up.

  • What your relationship with your inner child has to do with your ability to succeed at your goals.

  • How to stop criticizing yourself and develop positive self talk.



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The Skinny Confidential Him & Her with Dr. Susan David (mentioned in this episode)


Kathrin: @manifestationbabe