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May 20, 2024

In the years I’ve been helping you manifest, I haven’t seen anything like the results coming from my Sovereign Money program. It's not like any program I've ever created before. No matter how much you've worked on your relationship with money, your next level is gonna require you to go deeper on your relationship with it and that’s one of the things we do in the Sovereign Money program. Listen in to hear the results some of my sovereign money queen’s have gotten from an $8,500 payment notification immediately after signing up, to understanding the energetics of money and clearing the limiting beliefs and self sabotage that has held them back.



  • Details on where our first Manifested Adventures trip will be (and how you can join us!)

  • How to clear the limiting beliefs and cycles of self sabotage keeping you from your next level of abundance.

  • Results straight from the queen’s in my Sovereign Money program and how those results can be yours.

  • Details on the limited dates we’re opening Sovereign Money for you to join



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Kathrin: @manifestationbabe