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Oct 7, 2018

A belief is just an idea your subconscious mind became obsessed with. In order to be successful in business, we need to unlearn many of the beliefs that we are taught growing up. About 95% of most businesses fail in their first year, and LEARN new beliefs that the top 5% of business owners have.

In this episode, I am sharing with you 5 beliefs that took me from a shy, depressed, broke pre-med graduate... to a confident, happy, multiple 7-figure entrepreneur in less than 3 years. You'll not only learn the 5 beliefs that I hold about my business, but also WHY I chose to obsess over them instead of the beliefs that I was hardwired with growing up. 

This episode is relevant to you whether you are already a business owner, want to become one, or you're just interested in learning how successful people think. 

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