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Nov 11, 2018

Hey beautiful souls! Over the last year I've had MANY of you reach out to me and ask me if I had tips for you on how to overcome fear of flying. As someone who travels a LOT, you'd probably never guess that I used to be paralyzed by even the THOUGHT of getting on an airplane. This fear is something I developed at the age of 11 on a traumatic flight from Cancun to my home in Los Angeles that created a belief in my head that "flying is no longer safe."

Over the last few years I've applied the 5 tips that I'm sharing with you in this episode today that has helped me RELAX and no longer require Xanax to get on an airplane. I've finally freed myself from this fear and I want to help you too! If you or anyone you know struggles with this fear too, listen to this episode and be sure to SHARE it with a loved one!



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