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Nov 28, 2018

Doing something new on the podcast! Enter... a Q&A series :)

Throughout all the next upcoming episodes, I will be throwing in some mini Q&A sessions answering your most commonly asked questions on manifestation, mindset, money mindset, and personal transformation. This is something I started to do in my Instagram Stories that ended up BLOWING up as your favorite way of interacting with me. 

I wanted to bring this style to the podcast so that you can benefit from an audio version as well.

As someone who first started their manifestation journey 10 years ago, I know there is TONS of confusing, misleading and misinforming information out there on the Law of Attraction and how it works. I used to get so frustrated that no one was putting it into a simple, to-the-point form that was easily digestible.

Now I created the resource I wish I had and hope you enjoy this little series, "Pop-Up Q&A." 

In this episode I answer the question, "Can you manifest a relationship with a SPECIFIC person?"

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