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Mar 2, 2019

Today I’m sharing a big, big secret. And no, it’s not whether I want to be wealthy now or wealthy later (spoiler alert: you can be both!), but it has a lot to do with how I answer that question.

This year I said “no” to a pretty big investment because I’m focused on asking myself whether I want to be wealthy now, or wealthy later. This is a question we ask ourselves a lot as business owners. Should we spend the money now and invest in this mastermind or that coach? Or should we set it aside and save it for the future of our business?

That’s a pretty loaded question.

Today’s episode is all about finding the answer to that question by looking to your higher self. Too many times our ego gets in the way. Sometimes it blocks our view without us even knowing! And that’s a dangerous spot to be in. Because all our ego cares about is RIGHT NOW. Our higher self, on the other hand, is better at seeing the big picture and more willing to make the sacrifices to realize that vision.

If you’ve had a hard time checking your ego, stop and ask yourself: “is my ego involved in any of these decisions or investments?”. Your answer could be the game changer that uplevels your business and your life. I’m here today on this episode of Manifestation Babe to help you realize that answer.

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

Why it’s important to invest in yourself (7:50) How to recognize your ego in your decision-making (11:58) Saying “eff yes!” to the opportunities that truly matter (18:01) What “Wealthy Later” really means (20:25) What “Wealthy Now” really means (23:33) How to use the Law of Attraction with the Law of Action (28:25)

Some Questions We Discuss:

Why didn’t I go on The Financial Trip with Brennan? (9:45) How can I let go of my ego and answer to my higher self? (16:40) What is Wealthy Now vs. Wealthy Later? (20:06) What does it mean to have an “ultimate financial vision”? (23:53) Is there such a thing as over-investing in yourself? (30:17)


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