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Mar 6, 2019

Today I want to share with you an epiphany I recently had. Warning: This freeing, awesome, liberating epiphany will turn you into a literal desire magnet if you decide to implement this important tip.

It has been so amazing to witness how fast things have been manifesting into my life. How fast I’ve been making friendships that are in alignment with me. How fast opportunities that I had on my vision board are manifesting. The things that have come into my life lately have made me think, wow, this isn’t just a maybe, this isn’t just a yes, this is an eff yes.

I’m going to be honest, this tip has taken me a long time to totally implement into my life. But at least by listening to this podcast episode you can begin to open yourself up to understanding it. However, it’s going to take practice in order to implement it into an energetic, emotional, subconscious level and into your life.  

In today’s episode, I talk about how I’ve been able to attract the people and experiences I desire in my life just by being myself. I used to be stiff and inauthentic online. I was worried about being professional and respectful to my audience and didn’t want to offend anyone with what I was doing. Freakin’ exhausting right? Once I took off the mask, I started attracting those who were my most ideal people in friendships, in business relationships and pretty much in all aspects of my life. The best part is that they are people who I actually want to be around and love me for I am.

If you’ve struggled surrounding yourself with the right people, you may want to ask yourself: “Am I letting people get to know my true self? Do I have a mask on because I’m afraid of what people may think of me? I’m here today on this episode of Manifestation Babe to help you take off that very mask.

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

Why it’s important to be the real you, even in public or online. (4:48) Scarcity mindset and how it affects your ability to manifest. (7:55) How magnets can help you understand attraction. (9:18) How to attract the right people for your online business. (10:00) Why not everyone you meet is meant for you. (13:39) How to take off your mask once and for all. (14:43)

Some Questions We Discuss:

Is your online presence attracting the right people? (5:02) Why do we wear masks? (6:35) Do you hide your true self from specific people? (11:30) Should you be yourself all the time? (15:10) What happens as soon as you take your mask off? (18:40)


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