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Apr 12, 2019

Today, I’m sharing with you the real truth behind one of manifestations BIGGEST misconceptions.

Many people discover manifestation and become infatuated by the idea of being HIGH VIBE. They learn the incredible Universal Laws and learn the concepts to manifest their dream life and start living as their higher self. It’s literally like a cloud nine high, feeling so damn good that nothing can stop them.

Then all of a sudden, life happens. We get sick, we experience trauma, a low energy enters our world and our entire view of manifestation and the Universe gets flipped upside down.

On today’s episode, I want to set things straight and share my experience with staying high vibe no matter what uncontrollable life event happens for me. I recently came down with a cold that kept me bed-ridden for an ENTIRE week and I had to pull out my manifestation toolkit and get to work. I’ll share with you my current life circumstance, how exactly I stay high vibe when I’m feeling low, all the lessons I’ve learned from this experience, AND 3 beliefs that I live my life by.

If you’re experiencing something difficult in your life right now and you want to learn how to shift your energy back into a higher state, you’ll want to listen to this episode all the way through!


In This Episode, You Will Learn:

My word of intention for 2019 (5:11) The blueprint for the subconscious mind (6:32) Life Update- Where have I been? (8:57) How I stay high vibe when I’m feeling sick (19:17) Lesson #1- What are you in control of? (23:17) Lesson #2- Surrender (26:05) Lesson #3- Feminine Energy (28:41) Lesson #4- Beliefs are everything (34:06) Manifestation Babe Challenge is open! (39:35)


Questions I Answer:

What will I do if my surgery doesn’t “work”? (5:02) Why I scheduled a launch right after my surgery? (20:25) What’s the difference between masculine and feminine energy? (30:46) What 3 beliefs do I live my life by? (34:26)


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