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Apr 20, 2019


“You have to recognize that you actually ended up getting something better than what you asked for.” (5:42)

“Women who attract their soulmates are the ones who are excited about being single and loving themselves on a deeper level and are okay with being alone.” (26:55)



Romance isn’t dead and I want to give all of you babes some hope. It’s entirely possible to manifest your soulmate, and I’m going to tell you how. I’ve told the story of how Brennan and I met a thousand times, but today I’m going a little bit deeper. I made a lot of big changes before I manifested my soulmate, and now as I look back and share my story with all of you, I’ve realized that I was capable of manifesting true love all along.

I’ve been meaning to sit down and record this for awhile because I get this question a lot. How did I find Brennan? How did I know he was The One? But that’s the trick with soulmates, it’s all intuitive. The only way you’re going to manifest your soulmate is if you can tune in and listen to your higher self.

I wasn’t always in tune with my higher self. I know that sounds crazy now, but I wasn’t always this confident. It took my best friend convincing me to attend a Tony Robbins seminar for me to realize I wasn’t living for myself. I was staying in a relationship that wasn’t fulfilling me, and I was pursuing a career for my parents. I had to sit down and ask myself “Who are you living for?”, because I definitely wasn’t living for myself.

Who are you living for? Do you know what you want out of your relationships? It’s a big question to ask, but it’s not hard to answer. The trick is to make a list of all the traits you’re looking for in romance and pay close attention to what’s most important to you. The end result might surprise you and open you up to new romantic perspectives. You can’t force happiness, and you can’t force someone to fit into your definition of perfection.

Today’s episode is all about making that list and manifesting the romantic partner you deserve. I’m also going to teach you how to work hard at a relationship that actually fulfills you and helps you grow as a person. It’s time to take a look at yourself, trust your intuition, and look for a relationship that’s actually perfect for you.


In This Episode You Will Learn:

Which Tony Robbins event changed my life (5:48) What happens when you start making decisions for yourself (22:35) How my experience with Tinder led to Brennan and I’s first date (29:40) What it means to be fulfilled by your relationship (41:59)


Some Questions We Discuss:

Who are you living for? (19:50) How can you get excited about being single? (26:57) What can be manifested in your relationships? (38:47) How can I get my partner on board with manifestation? (50:17)


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