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Apr 26, 2019

Over the ten magical years I’ve studied manifestation, I’ve picked up quite a few tricks and hacks that I use on a DAILY basis. These hacks have not only been the reason I’ve manifested all my success up until now, but they make the practice unbelievably easy.

Today, I am sharing with you my FAVORITE manifestation hack that I use every single night.

This specific hack is one I picked up from Dr. Wayne Dyer --- It’s called 5 Minutes Before You Sleep.

The fastest way to get aligned with the Universe is by visualizing and deeply believing your greatest desires have already come true. But the effect it has on your subconscious mind is crucial right before you fall asleep.

The last image you play in your head right before you fall asleep is what your powerful subconscious mind will play over and over through the night. Why not give your subconscious mind a beautiful desire to play on repeat as you drift away?

If lying in bed and visualizing your dream life for 5 minutes sounds amazing to you, you’ll want to listen through the whole episode!

This is only ONE of the amazing manifestation hacks I’ve picked up over the years. Many of the other tricks I know take in depth teaching and would be way to intensive to share on the podcast. If you’re serious about manifestation and want the key to unlock my manifestation secrets, my 4-week course Manifestation Babe Academy is officially open!! Head over to to learn more about how to sign up!



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