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May 17, 2019

If you’ve ever been curious about launching a product or your someone who gets stressed the EFF out every-time it comes around, this episode is going to serve you in so many ways.

I have had 15 launches in the 3 years that Manifestation Babe has been running and let me tell you, I know a thing or two about stressful launches. This year in 2019, I have experienced two big launches where I felt the most stress free I have ever felt.

Being an entrepreneur involved in social media, it is easy to get influenced by everyone else’s strategies. When I first started out, I followed influencers doing exactly what I wanted to do, but one thing always left me feeling overwhelmed. They were constantly exhausted and stressed during launches which left me with the story of “Launching is stressful and exhausting.”

In this episode I talk about 4 strategies that have changed the launch game for me and how I doubled my revenue goal with a completely stress free launch.


What you will learn in this episode:

My exciting new business project (3:20) How we hired our dream team (14:15) Best business resource ever (16:55) How to play the game in business (26:15) Amazing launch strategy for female entrepreneurs (36:17) How your mind and body work together with manifestation (41:39) Manifest Business By Design (45:10)


Questions I Answer:

How do you detach from the outcome? (20:00) What is my powerful manifestation prayer? (21:40) Why changing your story will change your business? (28:14) Can you create a launch from a template? (32:09) Do you have to use masculine energy to build a business? (43:50)



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