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Aug 2, 2019

Have you ever dimmed your light to justify your desires? Something that I’ve struggled with in the past was constantly justifying my actions when I wanted something. I couldn’t possibly have a luxury car AND my perfect soul mate. I shouldn’t dare to dream of having my ideal healthy body AND a million dollar business. 

On today’s podcast episode, I want to explain why I believe “Because I WANT to” is a good enough response when you’re asked why you want a desire. Not only do you not need an excuse for others, but you also don’t need to explain your reasoning to your EGO either. 

If your Higher Self is calling in a desire, that is ENOUGH reason to want it. Anything you’ve ever wanted simply is a desire that needs absolutely NO explanation. This podcast episode is more of a reminder than a lesson and I hope it leaves you feeling inspired and ready to go after your biggest dreams, JUST because you want to!

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In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • Opening up about jealousy (5:30)
  • We create our desires through energy (12:18)


Questions I Answer

  • Why “Because I WANT to” is a good enough reason (10:30)
  • Why you don’t need permission to desire something (18:40)



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Manifestation Babe Episode 107 w/ James Wedmore

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