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Sep 23, 2019

Today is a VERY special episode on the Manifestation Babe podcast because I had the pleasure of sitting down with my incredible past Rich Babe Academy student, Carly Eldred, and got to hear her incredible transformation after taking my money mastery program, Rich Babe Academy! 


Carly’s transformation was so incredible that she won the BEST Rich Babe transformation in the February class of 2019 and got to fly to LA and spend an entire day getting spoiled by me! The first time I heard Carly’s full story was when we hung out together in LA and I was completely blown away! I knew I needed to bring her on the podcast to share all her nuggets of wisdom with you! 


Carly is from a small town, Cranbrook BC, Canada, where she ran a successful business and had a comfortable relationship with money. She felt she needed to kick it up a notch and uplevel her money mindset to fulfill her dreams of starting a second company, so she decided to take the leap and join RBA! After taking Rich Babe Academy, Carly has successfully launched her second business, purchased her DREAM vacation property, has received random checks of money in the mail, and is still attracting abundance in her life on a regular basis! 


This is one of my absolute favorite success stories from RBA and I cannot wait for you to hear it! 


In This Episode You Will Learn: 


Who is Carly Eldred? (5:12) 

Life BEFORE Rich Babe Academy (8:20)

How Carly let go of her limiting beliefs (11:47) 

How Carly’s life changed since RBA (14:26) 

Carly’s Live Event (19:18) 

Are you on the fence? Click HERE! (21:54) 




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