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Jul 5, 2019

Over the last few months I have been traveling the US and spending a lot of my time with 7 and 8 figure earners. Some people I met for the first time and some were long time friends I was catching up with, but there was one thing that particularly stood out to me. I realized that ALL of our conversations were centered around BIG ideas, changing the world, expressing massive gratitude, and discussing SOLUTION. 

The conversations that we have on a daily basis with all the people in our life play a MASSIVE role in our reality. What you focus on in conversation is what you are manifesting in your life. On today’s podcast episode I want to discuss the importance of our conversations and how the conversations we have don’t describe our reality, they DETERMINE it. 


What You’ll Learn In This Episode: 

My longtime obsession with success (4:25)

Why your language determines your reality ( 6:30)

What I did to change the conversations around me (16:00)


Questions I’ll Answer:

What do 7 & 8 Figure earners talk about (8:50)

What does the general public talk about (10:12)

Is it time to change your conversations? (14:24)



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