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Jul 12, 2019

“Kathrin, how do you know if your intuition is warning you of a potentially dangerous situation or if it’s just fear talking? This is a question I have spent YEARS trying to understand and articulate in the work that I put out into the world. On a daily basis we hear a voice inside our heads. Sometimes it’s feeding us thoughts of love, excitement, and calm energy, while other times the voice causes a physical response filled with fear, anxiety, and panic. So how do we know if our intuition is trying to tell us we’re in danger? 

Recently, when I was flying home after a girls trip to Texas, I was blessed with an experience that IMMEDIATELY made this concept CLEAR. In a whirlwind of panic and frantic thoughts, I ran off a flight thinking my intuition was warning me of a dangerous situation. 

Yes...I can’t believe I did that either! Tune into this episode and learn why this incredibly frantic situation blessed me with a lesson I will now forever teach my students. Here is the REAL way to distinguish between the voice of the Ego and the voice of the Higher Self. 


What You Will Learn In This Episode: 

The time I ran off a flight in pure panic (4:57)

The game changing question I asked myself (18:34)

How to recognize the voice of your Ego (20:46

How to recognize the voice of your Intuition (22:07)

Questions I Answer: 

What is the voice of your Ego? (2:49)

What is the voice of your Intuition? (3:16)

Why your Ego and Higher Self are necessary (26:50?


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