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Aug 7, 2019

What does it REALLY take to become a millionaire? Is it the tactics? Is it the connections? Is it how much education you’ve had? OR is it WHO you are and how you THINK? 

On today’s episode of the Manifestation Babe podcast, I’m going over 10 (originally 8) KEY points that make up a millionaire. I’ve spent A LOT of time around 7 and 8- figure entrepreneurs, and being one myself, I’ve put together the nitty gritty mindset and beliefs that make up almost every millionaire I’ve ever met. 

Money is obviously a part of being a millionaire, but it’s your RELATIONSHIP with that money, how you use it, and how you control it, that allows you to become a FULFILLED millionaire. There are plenty of millionaires and billionaires out there, but how many are actually happy with their life? 

Tune into Episode 110 and I’ll share with you how I’ve determined that! 



In This Episode You’ll Learn: 

Business By Design Bonuses (3:00)

Why 7-figure entrepreneurs don’t sit on action (8:49)

7- figure entrepreneurs have a burning desire (10:55)

Why 7-figure entrepreneurs are committed to never-ending growth (13:26)

Most important trait of a 7-figure entrepreneur (22:46)

7-figure entrepreneurs are money & impact driven (25:59)

7-figure entrepreneurs know their purpose (30:57)


Questions I Answer:

What does it mean to be a committed entrepreneur? (12:06)

What is the true power of investment? (16:24)

What kind of relationship do millionaires have with money? (27:33)

What is a microwave mindset? (32:40)



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