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Feb 14, 2020

Today’ episode of the Manifestation Babe podcast is a VERY special one because I had the pleasure of sitting down with my very good friend, Paul Fishman, and we dove DEEP into all things self-love.


Paul Fishman is a self love coach and a “you do you” activist who is on a mission to empower and inspire humanity to love unconditionally. Through the creation of his community Self Love onDemand and his highly rated podcast, The Road to Self Love, Paul has inspired thousands of people just like you to look inward for what matters most.


In this episode, Paul shares why we feel low self-worth, the difference between self-care and self love, and so many amazing tools that you can start implementing today to get started on your journey to self love!


Make sure you tag Paul at @paulfishman and me @manifestationbabe on Instagram once you listen to this episode and let us know your biggest takeaways!


In This Episode You Will Learn: 


Paul Fishman’s journey to self love- (3:35)

How to take the self-love medicine (17:39)

The Paul Strategy and how to use it (19:45) 

What to do when you experience guilt around self-care (37:10)

Affirmations for self-love (44:00) 

Questions We Answer: 


What is the difference between self-care and self-love? (9:35) 

Why is low self-worth a universal feeling? (27:10)



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