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Jan 27, 2020

On today’s special episode of the Manifestation Babe podcast I am sharing with another amazing interview I had with a Manifestation Babe Academy graduate student, Zsofia Vera! 


Zsofia is a French Hungarian, graphic designer/creator living in France, who is personally what I like to call my, STAR student! She has taken all of the Manifestation Babe programs and on today’s episode she shares her journey with Manifestation Babe Academy!


Zsofia changed the script on her life and is the definition of someone who felt the fear and did it ANYWAY. From entering herself in a BMX competition, putting herself on a path to intimate self-discovery, and even manifesting 6 figures, Zsofia has proven to herself that manifestation truly is a WAY OF LIFE, not just a concept. 


I can’t wait for you to hear Zsofia’s story and have a sneak peek into what’s possible for YOU when you take the leap and join Manifestation Babe Academy :) 




In This Episode You Will Learn: 


Who is Zsofia? (5:05) 

Where Zsofia was before MBA (7:34) 

Zsofia’s self-discovery journey (10:50)

Zsofia’s manifestation since MBA (18:02) 

Zsofia’s money manifestation story (25:10) 

Zsofia’s advice if you’re on the fence for MBA (37:50)

Connect with Zsofia (41:31) 




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