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Jan 4, 2021

Hello, my gorgeous souls! I am SUPER ECSTATIC about today’s episode and guest. Today on the Manifestation Babe Podcast we are talking about HUMAN DESIGN! I am interviewing my teacher and guide, Eden Carpenter. Eden and I barely scratch the surface of Human Design during this episode. However, we provide you with the tools to understand your Human Design and live a more aligned life. This information has DRASTICALLY improved and changed my life. Human Design has made my life much easier. My life is most in alignment when I follow it. Eden expresses Human Design through this very empowering and positive light. I am so excited for you all to listen to this episode, so let’s DIVE in!


Eden Carpenter is a leading expert in Human Design for business, manifestation, and abundance. At 22 years old she founded the Intuition Lifestyle brand as a platform to teach others how to create alignment in their lives and businesses. She managed to scale her business, teach herself human design, and create digital courses all while going to nursing school. In two years she has helped thousands of people start utilizing Human Design in their daily lives, by making it simple, digestible, and actionable. 


This episode is all about living in ALIGNMENT! If you or someone you know has had similar breakthroughs be sure to tag me  @manifestationbabe and Eden @intutionlifestyle on Instagram and share this episode with your community to spread the word! I am curious to hear all about your experience. Also, be sure to leave a review on iTunes in order to receive a free manifestation hypnosis. Just screenshot it before submitting and email it to my team at and I will see you in the next episode.



In This Episode You Will Learn :

Eden’s Journey with Human Design (7.29)

How is our Human Design determined (15.23)

About the 5 different energy types of Human Design (22:05)

Who are successful Reflectors (28:35)

The strategy of each type (31:15)

The signature and non-self type of each energy type (59:39)

The authority of each type (1:08:32)

Questions We Answer: 

What is Human Design? (10.17)

How are personality type quizzes different from Human Design? (12.35)

What is the best resource to use to find your Human Design chart? (15.45)

Can people benefit from Human Design if they do not know their birth time? (18.39)

What are the strengths of each energy type? (25:35)

Can all types manifest? (30:58)

Can projectors create their own invitations? (52:21)


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