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Mar 11, 2024

Ready to remove what’s blocking you from living your biggest, most aligned life? What dreams would you pursue? What decisions would you make differently? I have a really big decision I’ve been thinking about and as I was swimming in a lagoon with my son here in Bora Bora a download hit me that gave me so much clarity. What if I could delete fear from my life or from this decision that’s in front of me? Listen in to hear how to remove fear from the equation, get clear and honest with yourself about your true desires, and start taking aligned action towards what you really want, because you’re not here to play small.


  • Vacationing with a toddler in Bora Bora. 

  • How to overcome fear and gain clarity on what you want without limits.

  • Deleting fear to align actions with desires. 



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Kathrin: @manifestationbabe


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