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Mar 25, 2024

What if your manifestations fall short of the expectations of what you’re calling in? In this episode, I’m answering a question from a long-time follower and listener to the show that has manifested some incredible things. If your manifestations aren’t specifically what you’ve expected, there’s a lot you can learn from human design about whether you’re a specific or nonspecific manifester, and how it impacts the manifestation process. Listen in for ways to have more fun playing with your manifestations and not put so much pressure on yourself to get things perfect the first time. 


  • What your Human Design will teach you about how you specifically manifest.

  • The one thing to focus on if you’re a nonspecific manifester.

  • How to refine your manifestations and not put pressure on yourself to get it perfectly the first time.



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Kathrin: @manifestationbabe


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