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Nov 20, 2018

I recently launched a second round of one of my high-level manifestation programs, Manifestation Babe Academy. What most of you don't know is that the launch was technically a COMPLETE FAILURE. If you look at our numbers and compare it to where we "should've" been by the time the cart closed, you'd think that my business is in some sort of a downward spiral.

Although I would've loved to reach more students because of my IMPACT goals, I still decided that this launch was my FAVORITE one we've ever had. And it really WAS. Why?! Because of the super powerful LESSONS we learned from this "flopped" launch. 

If you're someone who's in business (or even just someone who has a hard time letting go of failure), you're going to love this episode. Tune in to hear my lessons and more importantly, what I'm choosing to DO with them so that I can LEARN from them.

Let me know what you think & make sure to tag me on Instagram at @manifestationbabe once you're done listening! 



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