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Oct 7, 2019

Have you ever wondered why on Earth your desires are NOT manifesting? Why you’re not living in that big house on your vision board yet? Why that million dollar year you’ve been visualizing hasn’t come true yet? 


I hear you! I was in your shoes before, frustrated, wondering how much longer I’d have to visualize these desires before I saw them physically in my life. It’s easy to quickly lose faith in the Universe when you’re doing the “work” and still nothing is happening… 


Well don’t you worry babe, because I have good news for you. It’s not a matter of IF or WILL it ever come true, its trusting in divine timing and living your life knowing that success WILL come when you’re ready for it. 


In today’s episode I cover how the Universe creates space for your massive desires and why trusting in divine timing will make you a much more patient and happier person. 


Tune into Episode 114 and allow me to put your mind at ease if you’re wondering why you’re desires are NOT manifesting! 




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