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Mar 18, 2024

Did you know there are certain numbers that can tell you about your life path? In this episode, you’re going to learn how to understand yourself on a whole new deeper level as I interview world renowned numerologist, astrologer, and international best selling author, Kaitlyn Kaerhart. We break down numerology in a way that is easy to understand and Kaitlyn even did a full numerology report for me. It was mind blowing how accurate it was! I’ve known about numerology for years and it just hasn’t hit the mainstream like astrology has. Well, no more gatekeeping, let’s dive into what your numbers can tell you about your relationships, business, and more.



  • How numerology works and what it can tell you about your purpose.

  • What numerology can tell you about your relationship compatibility.

  • The 3 numbers you need to know to change your life.

  • What personal year numbers are and breaking down what you’ll experience in each of them



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